The name Turiya comes from a Sanskrit word that refers to the Unknown which is so well-known it's often missed.

It points to our essence, which is Love.

I was given the name Turiya by a loving teacher, and it's my name of choice.  

I have worked with people and their sexuality for the past fifteen years. I've explored the world of "tantra" and drawn from it what I found useful. I'm currently training in Certified Sexological Bodywork.

My approach is mindful, slow and intuitive. 

I've done many workshops and trainings, and have been on a spiritual journey for a most of my life, but this work is simply an expression of love from me to whoever I'm with.

Growing up in Africa and then relocating to England on an adventure of self-discovery has led me to Dorset, where I live a quiet but somewhat busy life between two vocations.

After years of working tantra-based sexual practices, I have developed a style and approach that fits for me and those who come to me.

 I offer a space of tranquility and retreat where my clients can relax and feel at ease with me.


My sessions are based on building a trusting connection with one another. 

 I offer to support you to explore new territory and to discover a fuller capacity for enjoyment. 

My approach is to craft each encounter with every individual, to suit the needs of that person and that moment.

No two sessions ever look the same.

We begin a conversation and we travel together to wherever we need to go to, together.




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